Supplier of accessories for the plastic industry:

   - Cleaners, purge compounds, mould release, lubrification and maintenance products.
   - Feedscrews, barrels, new & re-manufactured, filter-, shut-off-, mixing-, solid nozzles.
   - Removable tip nozzles, nozzle tips, ring valve screw tips (RSP).
   - Heater bands, strip heaters, cartridge heaters, thermocouples & wiring, hotrunner controls.
   - Water manifolds, waterline & air fittings, mould clamps, gate cutters, deflashing tools.
   - Magnets, granulator knives, mounting pads, bolts, hoist rings, mould insulation.
   - Take over heads for automatisation robots.
   - Flow control units, humidity analyser, and a lot more.