EMR turning units for molds and dies

The EAS Electric Mold Rotator is designed to rotate tools 90° in a safe way.
EAS Electric mold rotators can handle loads from 3 to 60 ton.
They can be used for turning a mold or die to lift one half of a mold or for turning the mold for transport reasons. 
The complete unit is all-electric so no hydraulics are needed.

Despite their high value, the turning and opening of expensive molds and dies is still often done by means of an overhead crane. Dangerous for the operator and the risk of damaging the tools is high. With the EAS turning units the job can be done safe and fast.
With the EAS mold & die rotators, one operator can easily and safely rotate the die on his own.
Next to a floor standing model, the type that is on level floor takes up less space. Plus, the level floor type can be easily moved when not in use.



  • Increased safety
  • Less risk of damaging your expensive tools
  • Available for 3T till 50 T dies and molds
  • Standard and customized models


Everywhere where expensive tools need to be handled safe and careful such as injection and blow molding molds , stamping dies and die casting tools.


A tool is loaded on one side and moved towards the up-rising plate; the tool does not need to be clamped.
When the tool is correctly positioned, the rotation drum and tool are rotated over 90 degrees.
After rotating, the tool (or tool half) can be taken off from the other side of the unit.


EMS 30 rotating unit , mold / die rotator.
Maximum weight = 3 ton, 24 seconds / 90 degrees. Machine weight: 780 kg.
Floor standing type of rotator, with control unit



EAS Tilting Unit on wheels EAS tilting unit at work