Your partner in plastics processing

At AJ Solutions, we create added value. Together we reflect on optimizing your production process. We achieve this by taking a proactive approach and working with the most renowned suppliers in the world of plastics processing.

Your entire solution in one place

We offer solutions and support plastic processing companies in Benelux. Our range includes peripherals and accessories of the highest quality. On top of that, we provide training for your internal teams to accompany them during the course of the project.


Cooperate with established names in the plastics industry

We are happy to inform you that we only work with high-quality suppliers. Each supplier is a specialist in a particular field of plastics processing.

Thus, we do not purchase multiple items from one supplier, but only what the supplier specializes in. The aim is to offer you only the very highest quality.

Your partner in plastics processing

The core of our company consists of various profiles with decades of experience in the plastics industry. This means that we at AJ Solutions are always proactive in meeting your needs and wishes. In addition, we provide internal and external training to ensure that the technical supervision of projects runs efficiently.


Questions or product testing?

Our experienced team offers service and technical support for projects.

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