More than 20 years of experience

We have been active on the Belgian market since 2006. A few years later, we also offered solutions for Luxembourg and Dutch customers.

Co-founder and CEO Alain Janssens learned the tricks of the trade in his grandfather’s injection molding company. After more than 20 years of selling machines and peripherals in the plastics industry, he and his wife Danielle Hoefnagels decided to set up AJ Solutions.

Alain & Danielle’s goal was to offer customers solutions of the highest quality. That is why he put together his offer in such a way that there is a specialized supplier for every brand and type of machine. This way, the team knows how to find the best solution for every challenge.


AJ Solutions, your partner for peripheral equipment, accessories & maintenance products for the plastics industry!

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Power in plastic!

As your partner in plastics processing, we think proactively with you to achieve the best end result. In this way, we put everything we have into being your ideal partner in this story. This translates in the following ways:

  • We offer training to guide your workers during the project.
  • Our service team is always on standby in case of a technical malfunction or defect.
  • Flexibility is a high priority for us by ensuring that we always have sufficient stock in house.
About us
Alain Janssens
Managing Director – Account manager BE-LUX +32 3 375 44 37
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Dirk Boeykens
Account manager BE-LUX +32 3 375 44 35
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Ferdy Gerrits
Account manager BE-NL +32 3 375 44 38
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Ben Basten
Account manager NL +31 3 62 02 40 36
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Arne De Vylder
Account Manager BE-LUX +32 3 375 44 32
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Gilles Janssens
Process & Project Developer +32 3 375 44 31
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Thomas Schuermans
Service & Project Teamleader +32 3 375 44 33
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Bregt Eilers
Service Engineer +32 3 375 44 33
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Thibault Marchand
Warehouse & Spare Parts +32 3 375 44 33
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Birgit Taymans
Office Sales Support +32 3 366 24 55
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Jeroen Seberechts
Office Sales Support – Marketing +32 3 366 24 55
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Sharon Burton
Office Sales Support – Accounting +32 3 366 24 55
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Danielle Hoefnagels
Office manager – Accounting +32 3 375 44 30
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