Air cooling

Most important features

  • Structure made of steel panels painted with polyester powders
  • Evaporator with hydrophilic fins
  • Drop separator with built-in air filter
  • Highly efficient scroll compressors (refrigerant R407c)
  • Modulating valve with hot gas bypass system (HGBP)
  • NEW INVERTER control for intelligent control of cooling capacity
  • Inspectable shell & tube condensers
  • Pressure switching valve that adapts the flow rate of the condensation water to the working conditions
  • Electrical panel manufactured to IP54
  • Multi-function microprocessor control panel with 7″ touch screen display with simple and intuitive graphic symbols
  • Certificates: CE – PED
  • The new INVERTER control includes all modules required to comply with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) regulations and provides features that improve the efficiency and reliability of the product. The INVERTER allows precise regulation of the air temperature (+/- 0.1 °C) and a high optimization of energy consumption.
  • Direct free cooling with AMK (optional) activated thanks to the cooling of the air by the plant with colder air. The reduction in energy consumption is granted and becomes more advantageous the longer the external air temperature is lower than that required for the desired cooling.

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