CA.01 Quick Changers


Quick-change systems for grippers to be changed quickly at the robot.

Manual tool changer and adapter plate

  • Easy assembly due to dovetail guide and clamping function
  • Adapter plate with dovetail guide
  • Precentering for X-profile available
  • Material: aluminum (steel on request)
  • Four sizes available (60/100/160/250)
  • Adaptable to the robot flange

Manual tool changer and adapter (round)

  • Semi-automatic quick-change system for repeatable mounting on the robotic arm
  • Automatic connection of compressed air and vacuum
  • Clamping function via ring with handle, easy release and closing possible
  • Safety lock (option)
  • Integrated shut-off valve (option)
  • Electrical connection can be integrated

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  • Time saving
  • Faster conversion times

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