Mold Dryers

EU-DRYmould is a process dehumidifier that prevents the formation of condensation on the surface of injection and blow molding.

EU-DRYmould adopts the principle of the absorbent Rotary Wheel Dryers, which addresses the problem of high levels of energy consumption by using a rotating wheel that continuously utilizes dry desiccant while regenerating saturated desiccant in the same rotational cycle.

400-3,000 m³/h

  • Prevents condensation on the surface of injection and blow molding
  • Dew point temperature better than -10°C
  • EC type process fan with variable speed control
  • Process air recycling
  • 25% regeneration of electrical power thanks to an economizer
  • 10% electrical energy savings thanks to a newly designed heating chamber
  • Microprocessor control with 4.3” touch screen, with circuit diagram and dew point display
  • Direct-coupled fan for regeneration, without maintenance
  • Easy access for regular maintenance

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