Mold change table

Mold handling

Mold change table

Mold handling

A quick mold change optimizes productivity. With the exchange table designed by our Dutch R&D department, productivity can even be increased by up to 95%


The optimal solution for reliable fast switches. With the EAS fully automatic mold changing table you not only increase productivity, but also make changes safer.

Positioning the mold or mold is simple and easy thanks to quick-change systems. With our multi-coupling systems, all connections are connected in the blink of an eye.
The operator is always in control of the different stages of the mold or mold change, also with the automatic push button control. The great advantage of using a quick-change table or quick-change trolley is that the alignment with the machine is always safe and secure, without the need for adjustments.

The EAS mold changing table has two unique features:

This quick-change table is the only one on the market with special laser-defined positioning.
This ensures that the mold changing table is always perfectly aligned.

In addition, the quick-change tables are designed in such a way that the drive of different rollers is operated with only one chain.
All rollers are always the same, there is much less wear.

An extremely robust and durable solution, tailor-made for you.

Flexibility, speed and ease of use

A quick-change system can differ in method and size. Depending on the most suitable solution

MCT setup with 2 mold change tables on each
side of the machine
MCT setup with double
mold change table, first
mold loading
MCT setup with 1 mold change table on rails in between two machines
EAS designed and assembled Mold Change tables can be produced and delivered from both the Netherlands and China. An example of a double mold change table. Designed to dramatically reduce machine downtime by holding two molds, making the next mold instantly available during changeovers.

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