Static mixers for noses

Static mixers

Static mixers for noses

Static mixers

Use static mixers in extrusion and injection


Perfect mixing, lowest pressure loss, without seal and a robust design. The newly patented static mixer SMB Plus offers you a new standard in homogenization of the extrusion melt.

By using the Promix Melt SMB static mixer you get a perfect temperature and speed distribution of the melt over the entire section of the extruder and the additives are perfectly distributed.
This leads to consistently high product quality and possibly even higher output.
Excellent inline construction ensures fast color changes.


Reduce your production costs and improve the quality of your plastic parts!
Convince yourself of the advantages of the Promix static mixing technology!

Today we would like to share with you some success stories associated with well-known international brands:

Household material
Promix KSM Mixer:
high chair
Promix Mix Body:
– Bleed Lines Eliminated
– Saving of 7% masterbatch
– Pressure loss reduced
– Bleed Lines Eliminated
– Saving of 10% masterbatch
– 10% faster cycle time
Dental Pattern
Promix Mixing Nozzle SKM:
Electronic housing
Promix Mix Tip:
– Weaknesses eliminated
– Saving of masterbatch
– Perfect dispersion of laser additive
– Improvement caption
– Less waste
  • Saving of 20-30% masterbatch
  • No color streaks or flow lines
  • Increased use of regrind
  • Better tolerances and therefore less waste
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent mixing performance
  • Minimum pressure loss
  • Extremely robust and seamless design
  • Hassle-free conversion of existing SMB-R mixers guaranteed
  • “Ready to install” solutions including housing

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