AXevo – AXevo-FC

Water cooling

The AXevo line integrates the latest technologies from EUROCHILLER in one solution, offering a high degree of efficiency and reliability without compromising the specific applications that contributed to the success of the previous AX line, and forms the basis of this new evolutionary series of process water chillers.

  • Structure made of galvanized steel, painted with epoxy-polyester powders.
  • Shell & Tube Evaporator
  • Stainless steel storage tank
  • Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps
  • Highly efficient scroll compressors
  • Microchannel capacitors (fin type for tropical versions)
  • Adiabatic system for the controlled pre-cooling of the air entering the condensers (ADX-EVO-A / C / FC)
  • Electrical panel manufactured to IP54
  • Operating system with microprocessor
  • Tropical versions up to 50°C ambient temperature (refrigerant R134a)
  • Certificates: CE – PED
  • The AX-EVO line complies with the ECO-DESIGN directive as of 01.01.2018 (AX-EVO-A / C / W / FC).

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