XR SPOON Dispenser


  • XR SPOON dispenser is specially designed to be integrated and part of ROMA conveyors.
    E.g. integratable into type Bishop
  • Rotation range of the chute: 240° (+/- 120° from the longitudinal axis of the conveyor belt)
  • Setting mode number of unloading points:
    • Automatic:
      • Within the rotation range of 240°, up to 9 unloading points can be set, always at the same distance from each other.
    • Manual
      • Manual setting of each release point
  • Rotation speed gutter: 240° in about 3 seconds
  • Box filling mode:
    • Press cycle counting (max. pulses per box: 4000)
    • Timed filling
  • Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • With pre-wired connection set
  • Programming and distributing
  • Rotary funnel
  • Integratable into ROMA conveyor belt

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