O-ROUND Storage



  • O-ROUND: a simple turntable to fill boxes/boxes or bags
  • Disc structure made of stainless steel AISI 430 thickness 4 mm
  • Possibility of installing single box/box supports or a bag holder frame supported by a central rod
  • Turntable complete with control panel TV with the following control logic:
  • An external voltage-free normally open NO clean contact associated with the production cycle of the IMM is stored by the relative pulse counter. Each release signal at the input corresponds to a formation stage, and each formation stage corresponds to a certain amount of product. The number of activation signals required to fill the container is selected on the control panel. Once the selected number of enable signals has arrived, the pulse counter stops the loading belt, starts counting the enable signals again from zero, turns the table to the next loading station and starts the loading belt again. Any stamping phases that occurred when the machine switched from one loading station to another are remembered by the pulse counter.
  • The control panel is complete with a signal that allows the loading belt to be stopped while the turntable rotates.


  • Possible diameter Ø 1200 mm or Ø 1450 mm
  • Height of the disc from the floor = ~250 mm
  • Turntable 120 kg 140 kg
  • Turntable speed 1.7 2.2 RPM
  • Standard motor supply voltage 400V/50 Hz
Fashion model Diameter Height Weight V
O-ROUND.a 1200 250 120 kg 2,2
O-ROUND.b 1500 250 120 kg 1,7
  • Useful for filling boxes and bags
  • Turntable complete with control panel

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