Programming & Installation Top Entry Robot

Installation & Programming of Technomatic Top-Entry robot combined with Turntable

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The target


The customer was looking for a way to automate the removal of the parts from their machine (more specifically the mould). The pieces had to be taken into an injection mold and stacked on a conveyor belt. Previously she used other robots to automate such processes, but now they were looking for something new.

The process

From testing to offering

Visit showroom

After this we invited the customer to our showroom to get acquainted with our robot range. This gives the customer insight into the product and he can also do the necessary tests for possibilities. The following are important when purchasing a robot. The control, reliability, technical possibilities (number of vacuum circuits, compressed air circuits, external connections).

From experience to offer

After the necessary tests, the customer was convinced to choose a Tecnomatic robot, more specifically the Technomatic Micro CNC. The Tecnomatic Micro CNC is a top entry robot, as the name itself says, the robot arm enters through the top of the injection molding machine to remove the pieces. The advantage of a top entry robot is that it can be mounted on the machine and thus also saves space. The main technical specifications are the following:

  • 2 vacuum circuits with vacuum detection (for removing pieces with suction cups)
  • 3 compressed air circuits (for controlling grab & cutting pliers or blowing off products)
  • Pneumatic C-axis with position monitoring
  • 5 external inputs & outputs + conveyor belt control

After the delivery of the robot, our support team went on site to program the Micro CNC. To program a robot you need a gripper that is used for removing the pieces. The vacuum & compressed air circuits are connected to this. In this case, this gripper was provided by the customer and programmed by our support team. The automation of the robot was perfected by using external sensors that were connected on the robot to the external inputs of the robot itself.

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