Our partners in the picture part 1: Plastic Extrusion

We are placing our partners in the picture to celebrate our collaborations openly and transparently. We kick off this new series with our plastic extrusion partners BD Plast, Baracco, Eprotec & Simplas.

We partnered up with BD Plast earlier this year. The partnership with Baracco and Eprotec was concluded last month at the annual Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubbers. Also, in October, we started our collaboration with Simplas.

With the addition of these partners, we possess more resources and expertise to provide you with the highest quality.


Why did we partner up with these plastic extrusion companies?

Sustainability and recycling are becoming increasingly important, not only for you or us but also for the generations to come. This was one of the three main criteria in our search to extend our pool of partners.

Secondly, we also looked at partners who specialize in a specific part of the plastic extrusion process to provide you with the best quality & service.

Last, it was also essential for us that our partners could supply you with spare parts.

Thanks to the three criteria above, we found four excellent partners to collaborate with.


Our four plastic extrusion partners in the picture

The four partners we are placing under the spotlight all contribute their fair share to our plastic extrusion process.

BD Plast: expert in making filters for cleaning molten plastics

BD Plast is an Italy-based plastic company specializing in extrusion screen changers. Because of this technology, they reduce the waste in plastics to a minimum.

This was one of the main reasons to partner up with BD Plast. Waste reduction is an important topic nowadays that aligns with our company goals.

BD Plast’s knowledge ranges from the machine’s engineering to installation at the customer’s site. On top of that, they invest heavily in maintenance and after-service to always ensure maximum quality.

Additionally, BD Plast is well-known for two characteristics that enable them to compete in different markets: its products’ flexibility and customization capabilities.

Baracco: worldwide manufacturer of underwater (ring)pelletizing machines

As well as BD Plast, Baracco is also an Italy-based plastic company that specializes in the design & production of underwater and watering (ring)pelletizers. The machines are designed to meet your economic and ecological needs.

This translated itself in the slogan of Baracco, which states: “Progettato Insieme a Voi”, literally translates this means: “Designed together with you.”

The target of Baracco is to create a greener, better and more evolved world by deploying their knowledge and experience. They want to realize this by providing added value to your production process by focusing on the processing and recycling of plastic materials.

Eprotec: specialized in developing high-precision melt pumps

Eprotec develops high-precision melt pumps to ensure constant pressure to secure continuous output. This also contributes to optimizing the plastic extrusion process for a maximum outcome.

As a Swiss company, Eprotec delivers products synonymous with precision, durability, and innovation. Additionally, continuous improvement is part of their philosophy.

Simplas: know-how in flat dies & accessories design for any kind of extrusion

Simplas is located in the heart of the Italian plastic machinery production district at the border with Switzerland.

Simplas values innovation strongly, which is why it provides its engineers with state-of-the-art equipment to develop high-end machinery.

On top of that, Simplas differentiates itself by providing excellent customer service. They achieve this by planning maintenance visits and training courses.

Do you want more information on our partnerships with BD Plast, Baracco & Eprotec? And how we implement their machines into our plastic extrusion process? Give us a call, and we will give you all the information you like.