Flow meter Flow-5

tempering devices

Flow meter Flow-5

tempering devices

In parallel connected circuits, flow changes can go undetected
remain as the flow of the medium is distributed over the remaining

External Flow-5 flow meters monitor parallel circuits individually
and detect flow changes at an early stage before the
production quality is compromised.

The Flow-5 are easy to operate and deliver highly accurate
ultrasonic measurements.

parallel, more power, and still reliable

  • Constant temperature control and high part quality
  • Greater overall flow
  • Smaller temperature difference between the main pipe and the return pipe
  • Better temperature distribution homogeneity
  • Saves costs and energy
  • Fewer temperature control units needed

Simple, intelligent and easy

  • Determination of process power per circuit
  • Automatic limit setting
  • Manual Flow Adjustment Assistant
  • Saving data via USB and analysis in Excel

accurate, powerful and efficient

  • Wide application range
  • Smallest flow rate from 0.4 l/min
  • High temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Different configurations

safe, reliable and low maintenance

  • Fully automated process control
  • Continuous flow and temperature control per circuit
  • Highly accurate flow measurement
  • Durable construction
  • Only corrosion-resistant materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Flow measurement without moving parts
  • Improved protection for the mold
  • Early detection saves expensive maintenance
  • monitor parallel circuits individually and detect flow changes
  • More power, and still reliable
  • Simple, intelligent and easy
  • Accurate, powerful and efficient
  • Safe, reliable and low maintenance

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