Tempering devices Thermo-5

tempering devices

Tempering devices Thermo-5

tempering devices

When injection molding plastics, the temperature of the mold must be carefully controlled.
Tempering devices regulate this by means of a liquid heat carrier, whereby the heat is supplied or removed in a controlled manner.
Thermo-5 devices are distinguished by an efficient and reliable operation and are used to maintain the temperature of injection molds or comparable work processes.

…accurate, powerful and efficient
high-precision temperature control

  • ± 0.1 Kelvin with self-optimizing control

short warm-up and cool-down times

  • the tankless system only tempers the medium that is required

less demand for heating and cooling energy

  • minimum circulation volumes require less power
  • balanced cooling concept reduces losses

energy efficient stainless steel pump

  • sealless IE2 pump with improved performance

…simple, intelligent and comfortable
easy operation

  • clear operating menu in 21 languages
  • intuitive navigation
  • clear instructions at the touch of a button

clear display

  • high-contrast color display
  • display window and values of your choice

useful features

  • fully automatic cooling and mold emptying
  • data recording via USB and assessment in Excel
  • memory storage for machine-specific parameters
  • operation also via the machine

…safe, reliable and low-maintenance
fully automatic process monitoring

  • continuous monitoring of temperature, flow and pressure
  • high-precision ultrasonic flow measurement
  • hose break and leakage detection
  • monitoring of the pump status

durable construction

  • only corrosion-resistant materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • heating elements without direct contact with the heat carriers
  • calcification and evaporation-free cooling with bypass and proportional valve
  • sealless stainless steel pump

better device protection

  • closed system without contact with oxygen
  • automatic vent
  • active pressure control, only as much pressure as you need

…small, clean and quiet
can be placed anywhere

  • ingenious hydraulic module and a tankless system make it possible

for use in clean rooms

  • fibre-free insulation, wear-resistant transport rollers and glossy lacquer finish

only registers when necessary

  • intelligent monitoring of all processes
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Accurate and powerful
  • Simple, intelligent and comfortable
  • safe, reliable and low maintenance
  • Compact, clean and quiet

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