Switching unit Vario-5

tempering devices

Switching unit Vario-5

tempering devices

Certain injection molding challenges cannot be addressed with classical mold temperature control. The solution is a variothermal control:
High temperature when injecting, cold temperature during the cooling phase.
Together with two temperature controls, the Vario-5 forms a variothermal system depending on the liquid-liquid technique. Alternately, it connects either the hot or the cold unit to the same circuit. It is quite possible to use existing molds if the temperature control channels are properly controlled.
Vario-5 offers easy and quiet operation. It supports the user in determining the optimal settings.

…after the heat, stay cool!
Improved part quality

  • No more welding seams
  • Contour fidelity in the injection molding of minute structures
  • Optimal surface quality
  • Reduction of sunken parts

Improved temperature control

  • Short heating and cooling times
  • Turnaround time and quality optimization

…standard temperature control means minimum investment

  • Multiple use of the units, also for standard applications
  • Use of existing temperature control units
  • Economical concept
  • A lot of experience with systems that have proven themselves

…small, clean and quiet
Fits almost everywhere

  • Powered by ingenious hydraulic modules

Can also be used in a clean room.

  • Fiber-free insulation, wear-resistant transport rollers and a high-gloss lacquer finish


  • No pressure shocks
  • No compressed air

…accurate, powerful and efficient
Highly accurate process monitoring

  • Shifting procedures are checked

Less heating and cooling power required

  • Buffer volume for energy-saving operation

…safe, reliable and low maintenance
Fully automated process control

Durable construction

  • Only corrosion-resistant materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Shifting without pressure shocks

Improved protection for the mold

  • Closed system with no contact with oxygen
  • Prevents steam, deposits and corrosion

…simple, intelligent and easy

  • Smart wizards determine the temperature setting, delay and switching times
  • Freely selectable control mode
  • Saving data via USB and analysis in Excel
  • Variothermal control:
  • High temperature when injecting, cold temperature during the cooling phase.
  • Improved part quality
  • Improved temperature control
  • Compact, clean and quiet
  • accurate, powerful and efficient
  • safe, reliable and low maintenance
  • simple, smart and easy

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