Plastic leak detection & alarm system

Plastic Leak Detection

Plastic leak detection & alarm system

Plastic Leak Detection

The AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System is a unique device that provides protection against leakage damage caused by leaking plastic in a Hot Runner Mold and/or at the IMM Injection Nozzle.

AIRTECT systems are used worldwide by many well-known companies, especially in the automotive industry and medical device manufacturing.

AIRTECT Systems are represented worldwide by a network of distributors.


Costly leak in the hot runner € 15,000 Leak at the spray nose with major consequences


Patented worldwide Full protection for the mold
  • Unique patented signaling system
  • Fast protection against plastic leakage
  • Mold temperature monitoring
  • Constant mold protection
  • Programmable connection to the injection molding machine
  • The system pays for itself in the short term and helps you to save thousands of euros
  • 24 hours a day carefree production
  • Easy to install
  • Customers worldwide
  • The ‘insurance policy’ for your moulds
  • ‘don’t leave a mold without it’

“Every hot runner system can leak and then it’s nobody’s fault. The Airtect system is an excellent insurance policy” Quote from the owner of a top hotrunner brand.

The Airtect system is a unique product that offers permanent protection to prevent plastic leakage damage, whether in expensive molds or on the injection machine nose.
It can also protect producing molds by the temperature monitoring
It gives injection molders more competitiveness as there are fewer production stops for repairs.
It gives a quick warning as soon as a leak occurs, whether deep in a hot runner system or at the machine nose. The location of the leakage is indicated on the LED or LCD screen.

The manifold has a built-in temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the mold. This allows setting a high & low temperature limit and prevents injecting into a too cold or too hot mold.

  • A leak is detected in time
  • Full protection for the mold
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents extra costs due to leakage

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