SPOON Distributor


This machine is designed to collect products from a conveyor, robot or other machine and transfer them to a number of containers based on the set amount of cycles/cast items.


  • Dispenser to distribute the product from a conveyor belt into different containers
  • Dispenser with 360° rotating hopper: it can be placed at any point along the storage path near the press (longitudinal, lateral and perpendicular)
  • Operating logic: use signal from the IMM or program the filling time


  • Max capacity: 2 kg for a single product
  • Motor power 0.06 kW
  • Standard motor supply voltage 400V/50 Hz
  • Weight 40 kg
  • Duct material: ABS
  • Options: INOX A304 discharge chute or INOX A304 discharge chute with deviators
  • Programming and distributing
  • 360° rotating hopper

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