Water Treatment Plant Treat-5

Temperature control equipment

Water Treatment Plant Treat-5

Temperature control equipment

Improper water in the temperature control circuit promotes scale and corrosion, increasing maintenance costs and increasing the likelihood of premature failure. The risk of water temperatures exceeding 140°C in rotating pipes or small cross channels is increasing.
Treat-5 provides temperature controllers with system water of consistent quality.
It allows for easy and environmentally friendly operation. Once the sanitizer is added, it works automatically and only occasionally alerts the user to check it.

To keep the channels nice and clean.
Prevents the effects of poor water quality

  • Minimizes downtime, wear and maintenance
  • Longer life of mold

Higher process reliability

  • Perfect heat transfer between the medium and the mold
  • Precise temperature control
  • No Blocked Circuits

…simple, intelligent and easy
Easy operation

  • Clear menus in 21 languages
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Interactive user manual allows for use without prior knowledge
  • Instant instructions at the touch of a button

Bright display

  • Easy to read with highlighted contrast
  • Free choice of window displays and values

Practical functions

  • Accurately calculates the amount of disinfectant needed
  • Simple instructions to check water quality
  • Integrated logbook records the treatment process
  • Simple front sampling
  • Saving data via USB and analysis in Excel

…safe, reliable and low-maintenance
Durable construction

  • Only corrosion-resistant materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Stainless Steel Seamless Pump
  • Ultrasonic fill level measurement separate from the medium
  • Easy-to-remove filter basket

…good for the environment.

  • Reduced use of water and disinfectant through reuse of system water
  • The pump runs only as long as needed
  • The temperature controllers provide system water of consistent quality.
  • simple and environmentally friendly operation
  • Prevents the effects of poor water quality
  • Higher process reliability
  • Simple, intelligent and easy
  • Safe, reliable and low maintenance

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