Ferlin has developed the GRAVIMIX Easy Clean System dosing mixing systems for efficient and accurate dosing of dry and free-flowing thermoplastic materials. The emphasis has been on being able to switch quickly between materials, which is why we have developed a simple cleaning system. This makes this machine extremely user-friendly and developed with the science of practice in mind.

  • max. capacity: approx. 50 kg/h*
  • Number of components: 2, 3 or 4
  • Extended Controls
  • Compact and solid
  • Easy Clean System
Subject Unit Where the
batch weight kg 0,5
Number of components max. 4
Capacity* kg/h 50
Content material funnels* Liter 7L
Mixing chamber contents* Liter 3.2L
Connection voltage V/Hz 240, 50/60
Power consumption kW 0,05
Compressed air Bar 6
Compressed air consumes approx. NI/h 60
Dimensions L x W x H mm 562 x 562 x 757
Dimensions frame with suction box L x W x H mm 600 x 600 x 521
Weight approx. (excluding frame) kg 35
  • Efficient and accurate dosing
  • Easy cleaning system
  • User-friendly and reliable
  • Be able to switch quickly between materials
  • Compact

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